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    Caleb commented  · 

    If you did that, you will have done what no other online bookmarking system has. I've been looking for it everywhere :)

    It might look like this:

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    Caleb commented  · 

    Sort of :) When you right click a folder of bookmarks in chrome and click "open all bookmarks", it opens the bookmarks as actual websites in tabs.

    Lets say I was doing a redesign of Coca Cola's website. Before the project starts, I have been gathering websites and images as inspiration on a Board. When I want to see the things I have gathered, and/or show a designer I am working with what I have found, I would like to open all the actual websites from a board in tabs. If I have saved images, they could also open in tabs, but on the Board platform. This could be done with a small "open all" icon on the cover of a board.

    It would also be great to be able to open one website at a time this way, without having to see the large view of what I have "pinned". When I see the 365x210px image of the site, I usually don't need to see the large view to know that is the site I want to open.

    Sorry for the extremely long reply :)

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